Q: What is a freight salvage auction?

A: A freight salvage auction is a type of auction where damaged, returned, or overstocked merchandise is sold to the highest bidder. These items are typically sold in bulk and at a discounted price.

Q: Can I inspect the merchandise before bidding?

A: Yes, we allow for in-person inspections on the Tuesday before every auction. However, we provide detailed descriptions and photos of each item to help you make an informed decision before placing a bid.

Q: What happens if I win an auction but don't pay?

A: If you do not pay for items you have won, you may be banned from participating in future auctions on our site.

Q: What happens if an item I receive is not as described?

A: We strive to provide accurate descriptions and photos of all items on our site, but sometimes mistakes can happen. If you receive an item that is significantly different from its description, please contact us immediately and we will work to resolve the issue. Keep in mind we don't offer returns and will only accept the item back if WE made an error. Inspecting the items before bidding is encouraged.

Q: How do I pay for items I have won in an auction

A: After the auction has ended, you will receive an email with payment instructions. We accept a variety of payment methods, including credit card and cash when you pick up.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Due to the nature of our business, all sales are final. We do not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds. However, if you receive an item that is significantly different from its description or is damaged in transit, please contact us immediately and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

Q: Can I cancel a bid or retract an offer?

A: Once a bid is placed or an offer is made, it cannot be cancelled or retracted. We ask that all bidders carefully consider their bids before placing them to avoid any issues.