Where are you located? 3295 W California Ave. Suite C Salt Lake City Utah, 84104 

Can I come see the items in person before I bid? Yes! Tuesdays is preview day. Feel free to come and look around.

When do I need to pickup my item? Within 2 days of the auction ending. If you don't come in time, the item will go to the next highest bidder and you will be banned from the auction. 

Can you deliver my items? No

What is your return policy? Everything is sold as-is, and although we hope for your highest satisfaction, we do not accept returns. To avoid disappointment, please preview product before bidding.

Will Globus Help Load Item's? No, unless you $10 per pallet for help loading.


How does proxy bidding work? If bid amount is greater than bid price + $10, then it will be considered as a Proxy bid (or bid price + $50 for items with a starting bid that is higher than $500). Example: If the current bid amount is $100 and the  customer places the bid for $110 or more, then it will be considered as a proxy bid for the auction. But in case the customer bids less than $110 then it will be added as a normal bid.

Popcorn Bidding? When you are out bid in the final minute of the listing auction, an additional 2 minutes will be added to the closing time. Keep refreshing the browser to know if someone has outbid you! Sometimes you will be shown as the winner until you refresh the browser. If you did not get an email announcing you as a winner, you did not win and bidding has continued.

I did not see myself get outbid. What can I do to see that? If you're watching the auction come to a close, you must refresh your browser to see new bids. It will not pop on your screen automatically if someone outbids you. 

Can I recall a bid if I made a mistake? Yes, but you must do so before the auction ends. Call or text (801) 600-0126.


How can I pay? When you win an auction, you'll receive an email with a link to pay online. Click the link and complete payment before you come to pickup your items. 

Can I pay with cash? Yes! You still need to complete the order online by clicking he link we send to your email. Select "Cash On Delivery" at checkout, then click "Complete Order." Then you can pay cash when you come to pickup your items - note that it may take longer to process payment in person.